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List of Courses

Baby Ballet, Pre Primary, Primary

The earliest preparation for the study of ballet begins with 45 min. classes for 4 year old. The children are introduced to the concepts of basic movements, jumping, marching, walking, hopping and made aware of music and rhythm. Exercises for building physical strength and coordination are offered in a nurturing atmosphere. Children gradually learn the discipline required in the ballet studio.


The classes are also aimed towards building physical strength, correct posture, and flexibility. Furthermore, they aim to develop self-discipline, attention span, and response to rhythm and musical patterns.

Grade 1 - 7 and Intermediate

Students are systematically taught ballet exercises at the barre and center floor, progressing towards more complex combinations as the levels increase. Pointe classes are introduced in Grade 5, depending on each child’s development. The emphasis of the teaching is on how to stand with the body in alignment, the use of turn-out from the hips, pointing feet without clenching and the coordination of the arms and head movements. Musical awareness is constantly stressed.

Jazz, Contemperary, Hip Hop, Tap

Many other courses that are available to students such as jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap. Classes are instructed by experienced teachers in all areas of dance. Students are taught to listen to the music and build skills and techniques to be incorporated into routines. Classes encourage children to express themselves through dance.